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Linux News Archives for September 2008

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Sep. 30, 2008
Open-source software should be used in elections

Sep. 29, 2008
Hands-on learning with open source software

Sep. 29, 2008
U.S. financial crisis will hit IT outsourcers more

Sep. 25, 2008
A school in Pakistan loves the Linux operating system

Sep. 25, 2008
The importance of interoperability in healthcare applications

Sep. 24, 2008
IBM to redefine industry standards?

Sep. 23, 2008
Open source IT companies get a chance at the UK public sector

Sep. 22, 2008
T-Mobile USA calls news conference, launches first Android phone

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Sep. 19, 2008
Amazon launches new content delivery service

Sep. 19, 2008
Sun wants to promote open-source in a big way

Sep. 18, 2008
Google's mobile handset will be available in October

Sep. 17, 2008
Critics say Homeland Security cannot handle cyberthreats

Sep. 17, 2008
United Arab Emirates hit with massive bank fraud

Sep. 17, 2008
Forever 21 a victim of credit card theft

Sep. 15, 2008
Is Microsoft getting it? Some don't think so

Sep. 14, 2008
Linden Lab rewards open source community with awards

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Sep. 13, 2008
Asia embraces open source technology

Sep. 11, 2008
In Linux circles, what exactly is meant by free software?

Sep. 10, 2008
San Francisco network admin may cost the city over $1 million

Sep. 10, 2008
Brazilian government owned IT firm chooses Debian

Sep. 9, 2008
Report: Internet downtime is inevitable

Sep. 9, 2008
You can't get Linux on a Lenovo Thinkpad anymore

Sep. 8, 2008
Microsoft will open its first interoperability lab in Manila

Sep. 7, 2008
The Linux Foundation will host Summit in New York City

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Sep. 4, 2008
Forrester warns DB managers could face compliance risk

Sep. 3, 2008
Members have doubts on the ISO's relevance and integrity

Sep. 3, 2008
Google is going after Apple’s AppStore

Sep. 3, 2008
Google releases its open source browser called Chrome

Sep. 2, 2008
Many countries dissatisfied with the ISO

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