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Linux News Archives for November 2008

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Nov. 29, 2008
OpenSUSE version 11.1 RC 1 now available

Nov. 27, 2008
Linux powers smart robotic arm in an elegant manner

Nov. 26, 2008
Red Hat releases its new Linux Fedora version 10

Nov. 25, 2008
SCO ordered to pay Novell another $2.5 Million in Unix royalties

Nov. 24, 2008
Booting a thin client from the SAN (storage area network)

Nov. 21, 2008
Saving money with Linux vs other operating systems

Nov. 18, 2008
Sun Microsystems announces StarOffice version 9

Nov. 10, 2008
Divisions still exist in the open source community

Nov. 7, 2008
EU offers new guidelines on the procurement of FOSS

Nov. 6, 2008
U.S. courts squeezing the screw on software patents

Nov. 5, 2008
Verizon customers offline for many hours

Nov. 4, 2008
A $200 laptop available for next year?

Nov. 4, 2008
Microsoft getting into mobile operating systems

Nov. 2, 2008
Windows Vista gained on Mac OS in October

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