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Linux News Archives for December 2008

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Dec. 30, 2008
Open source appeals to organizations, but uncertainty still exists

Dec. 22, 2008
The basic nature of open source software is changing

Dec. 19, 2008
Red Hat offers companies a new maintenance program

Dec. 19, 2008
Cisco report: targeted Internet attacks will increase in 2009

Dec. 18, 2008
Latest news on Debian's version 5 of its OS code named Lenny

Dec. 17, 2008
Read more on Linux and the open source community

Dec. 15, 2008
Intel shrinks chip circuitry to 32 nanometers

Dec. 15, 2008
Reducing memory usage by sharing identical pages

Dec. 12, 2008
Increased security attacks on Microsoft's SQL Server

Dec. 12, 2008
Palm to unveil its long-awaited new Linux mobile operating system

Dec. 11, 2008
Pushing Linux desktops in schools and elsewhere

Dec. 10, 2008
An open source blogging platform is launched by Microsoft

Dec. 8, 2008
IT industry wants to shield the open-source community

Dec. 5, 2008
Sun Microsystems rolls out OpenSolaris 2008.11

Dec. 4, 2008
Oracle helps customers work with new Linux features

Dec. 4, 2008
Hewlett Packard reduces its data center footprint

Dec. 3, 2008
Oracle acquires automation software company

Dec. 2, 2008
Mandriva terminates the services of all its external contractors

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