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IBM getting serious about cloud computing

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August 4, 2008

IBM is getting really serious about cloud computing.

IBM has announced that it plans to build a $360 million state-of-the-art cloud computing data centre in the Research Triangle Park facility in North Carolina.

IBM said it has been planning the project for the past four months, and has now given it the green light.

Big Blue intends to renovate an existing building within the RTP campus in order to create what it promises will be one of the most technologically advanced and energy efficient data centers in the world, and which will be the first to apply IBM's New Enterprise Data Centre design principles.

The new RTP data center will form a key component in IBM's Project Big Green initiative which aims to dramatically boost data center energy efficiency, thus offsetting escalating energy costs without impacting upon the ability to handle a rapidly rising amount of data.

IBM boasts a fairly good track record in data centre design, owning and operating more data centre space than any other company on the planet: some eight million square feet in total.

The computer giant says that clients using this centre will "have unparalleled access to massive internet-scale computing capabilities" while benefitting from the cost savings and environmental protection advantages of its energy efficient design.

To be sure, energy costs will be reduced by installing high density computing systems with virtualisation technology to run multiple software applications on the same servers.

The Project Big Green initiative means that the data centre will reuse 95 percent of the original building's shell while recycling 90 percent of materials from the original building.

"This new data center is part of IBM's commitment to build the world's most advanced data centers" said Bob Greenberg, general manager of IT Optimization and North Carolina Senior State Executive at IBM.

He added "when we will open for business sometime next year, the new IBM data center assures that Research Triangle Park will be a strategic location for our outsourcing business for many years to come."

Source: IBM.

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