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Linux News Archives for April 2010

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Apr. 30, 2010
The EU sets up new agency to cope with cybercrime

Apr. 29, 2010
Microsoft is making money, even with Linux

Apr. 28, 2010
HP to acquire Palm for $1.2 billion in cash

Apr. 28, 2010
Intel's WR division boosts wireless data throughput

Apr. 27, 2010
Businesses worried of moving critical applications to the cloud

Apr. 27, 2010
Where is middleware going in the Linux community?

Apr. 26, 2010
McAfee update goes haywire, affects police and hospital sites

Apr. 23, 2010
Apple to acquire chip maker ARM? Is this just a rumor?

Apr. 23, 2010
Microsoft net profit up thanks to strong demand for Windows 7

Apr. 22, 2010
Businesses need to embrace technology instead of fearing it

Apr. 22, 2010
A mixed bag for AT&T Mobility's first quarter results

Apr. 21, 2010
Cray launches new super computer, running Super Linux

Apr. 20, 2010
IE 8 browser cross-site scripting issues

Apr. 16, 2010
Red Hat releases its Fedora 13 beta, code named Goddard

Apr. 14, 2010
Intel says the IT industry is almost fully recovered

Apr. 14, 2010
Microsoft inks deal with Verizon Wireless, Vodafone and Sharp

Apr. 12, 2010
AMD launches its new FirePro V-8800 3D graphics card

Apr. 12, 2010
Russia to help fight and combat cybercrime

Apr. 12, 2010
Research In Motion acquires QNX Software Systems

Apr. 10, 2010
Chinese ISPs tainted network routing tables on April 8

Apr. 9, 2010
Diversinet unveils its MobiSecure SMS to help the medical industry

Apr. 9, 2010
Apple unveils its new iPhone 4.0 operating system

Apr. 9, 2010
IBM launches its Smart Analytics System

Apr. 8, 2010
Horde ver. 4 is nearing completion

Apr. 7, 2010
Microsoft abandons Intel's Itanium platform

Apr. 5, 2010
Apple sold 300,000 iPads in the U.S. on Saturday

Apr. 5, 2010
Last U.S. warrantless wiretapping case now closed

Apr. 1, 2010
University of Alberta to improve text mining technology

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