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Debian patches plenty of kernel bugs in its new version 9.1

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July 24, 2017

Debian Linux has finally produced its new version 9.1 and it has fixed a lot of OS bugs with this new implementation.

To be sure, the new release rolls up no less than 26 security fixes that have landed since last month.

This one is available since last week, and is worth having a look at it since Debian has joined others in patching the Heimdal Kerberos man-in-the-middle security flaw that has been haunting so many system admins and keeping them up at night over the past few weeks.

There are also various fixes in Apache, a few Linux updates as well, and a few OpenVPN fixes, some of which we've written about earlier.

In all, there are no less than fifty-five package fixes all name-checked in the point release, some of which also have CVEs but aren't listed as security patches per se.

For example, the so-called c-ares resolver software gets a fix for CVE-2017-1000381. There are several fixes in the dwarfutils link shortener as well.

Then there are 7 bugs that are fixed in libquicktime, and among the systemd patches is one to deal with an out-of-bounds write in its resolver.

Finally, since the Six-XS IPv6 tunnel broker has shut down lately (!) its matching Debian package, its corresponding aiccu package received its death-note, or so it would appear (pun not intended).

Source: The Debian Development Team.

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